Cradle To Cradle

The transition from a fossil fueled economy to a sustainable, renewable electric energy conversion infrastructure is definitely a disruptive process. However – the new job openings outnumber by far the job losses by appr. 10:1.  In addition, the new jobs created go right back to the same industry, from which the jobs became obsolete –  The Mobility Industry, also known as Car Industry.

A further 40-50% jobs will be added to the electric / electronics industry, specializing in electronically operated, safety controlled and regulatory certified mobility applications. The implementation of a neural (decentralized) fully automated – Point to Point – “mobility telematic network” in the near future will add further jobs on a massive scale.

Due to implementation of the “Cradle To Cradle” concept, a low-cost abundance of materials and precious metals are available through decommissioning of fossil fueled cars, generators, trucks, trains, buses, etc., whereby the major savings will derive from abolishing traditional mining for raw materials, so that most of the re-used materials serving ones more another life-time.

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